No more “Next to me”…

It’s been about a week since Ray somehow ended up sleeping in his big cot in his own room, on his own, without me. The reality of it only sunk in last night as my husband packed away the Chicco Next to Me crib which has sat empty next to my bed for the last week or so. (…)


Teething hell!!!

I’ve not managed to post a blog for a while because of one reason…..TEETHING!! Wow, I was really not ready for this!

Ray’s been a dribble monster for quite some time and since the moment he “found” his hands they’ve been in his mouth – along with anything else he can get hold of! He’s had flushed cheeks now and then but every time I ran my finger along his gums I couldn’t feel any changes so just thought this bit must go on for ages before any teeth actually come out. (…)

First taste of tiny trees

A few weeks ago I was having one of those days where Ray was being a bit of a grouch and nothing would entertain or settle him (the joys of the fourth leap!) I tried all his usual faves but they weren’t good enough, I tried a few new games and songs but they weren’t cutting it either. I put him down for a nap, “no thanks mum”, tried cuddles and even “hi baby” massive mirror in the lounge didn’t work!  (…)